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As the 1996 presidential election approaches, the University of La Verne is doing its part to fulfill political awareness on a local level.

Stealing from the G.O.P.

Candidate Bill Clinton has been successful in stealing Republican ideas while maligning conservatives as "mean-spirited" and hateful.

In politics, character does matter

Dick Morris, Bill Clinton's political adviser, has a liaison with a prostitute. Presidential candidate Bob Dole states his belief, which has been medically refuted, that tobacco is not an addictive substance in order to win tobacco industry money. What do these "personal choices" have to do with the positions these men hold in the United States government?

Double standard or dirty trick?

To many, it seems the world is changing every minute, constantly transforming, yet there are some who, when looking at the world from an all-around perspective, realize that, for the most part, things stay the same. This summer in California, it is the same dry heat as last summer, and so on.

Buchanan boasts of bigotry

Perhaps the most vital ingredient for racism running rampant in our nation is ignorance.

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