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Priority registration needs revamp

Registration is a stressful time for students no matter what school they attend. However, at such a small school as the University of La Verne, juniors and seniors should not be worried about getting a class they need to keep them on track to graduate because freshman and sophomores are registering before them.

Restriction incites student objection

Confused upperclassmen gathered in Woody Hall after they were unable to register for lower division courses on the first day of registration Nov. 23 due to a registration restriction.

Admins must notify students, too

With the end of the semester approaching and registration taking place, chaos is commonplace. However, a registration restriction caused an unusual commotion for upperclass students Nov. 23, the first day of registration.

Registration restrictions create setback for upperclassmen

Registration restrictions prevented many upperclassmen students from signing up for lower division courses for the spring semester on the first day of registration Monday.

Tech not expected to slow registration

A number of recent technology glitches have students worried about registering for January and spring classes, with registration beginning Monday morning.

Registration equality for all

The semester is coming to an end and along with it comes the beginning of the chaotic class registration process. This semester upper classmen and lower classmen alike are feeling the pains of the overcrowded, over populated, small-classroom-space campus. But not everyone is feeling the pain.

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