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Board increases salaries for ULV faculty, staff

The University of La Verne Board of Trustees decided at their April 29 meeting to implement a salary increase for ULV faculty and staff.

Sabbatical not just a vacation

Six professors and instructors at the University of La Verne will go on sabbatical for the 2000-2001 school year in pursuit of advancing in their personal and professional careers.

Committee continues search

While a search for a new dean of the School of Business and Global Studies (SBGS) at the University of La Verne continues, Verne Orr will fill the position in the meantime.

Celebration honors faculty, staff commitments

A total of 77 people were awarded Wednesday morning for their services and commitment to the University of La Verne in 12 different categories.

Thakur celebrates 20 years at ULV

It is difficult these days for anyone to remain with a company for an extended period of time. Corporate mergers and closures often result in massive layoffs or downsizing. If a person survives all of this, then the lure of a better salary or more prestige could mean a job change and/or relocation.

ULV women organize month-long celebration

With careful planning and hard work, many University of La Verne women contributed in marking their own history on campus in celebration and recognition of women's history month.

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