Committee continues search

by Leah C. Sahagun
Staff Writer

While a search for a new dean of the School of Business and Global Studies (SBGS) at the University of La Verne continues, Verne Orr will fill the position in the meantime.

Orr replaced former dean Bill Relf last semester and said Philip Hawkey, executive vice president, recommended him to President Stephen Morgan for the position.

“At the time, I was semi-retired and I had a consulting partnership with my wife,” Orr said.

In mid-May, Dr. Morgan offered Orr the SBGS interim position, and he began in June.

The interim dean’s responsibilities include aiding faculty searches, approving employment contracts, reforming the advisory board, attending accreditation meetings and approving faculty trips and approving academic curricula.

“I have never been a dean before. I’m learning,” said Orr.

There is a special search committee headed by Dr. Morgan to find a new, permanent dean.

Members of the Board of Trustees on the committee include Ken Calkins, Bill McIntyre and Steve Martin; Dr. Bill Cook, academic vice president; Dr. John Gingrich, dean of arts and sciences; Philip Hawkey, executive vice president; Ahmed Ispahani, professor of business administration and economics; Dr. Jim Manolis, dean, School of Continuing Education; Jack McElwee, professor of business administration; and Rita Thakur, professor of business and economics.

“We have not put an exact timeline yet,” Dr. Morgan said in regards to when the committee hopes to find a new dean.

“I thought that I would only be here for one year, but since the committee has only met once in June, it will probably be two years before they find a new dean,” said Orr. “I’m a little too near retirement to seek the position myself.”

Leah C. Sahagun

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