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Commentary: No human should be treated as ‘illegal’

My uncle was a whiny 8-year-old and my mother was a nervous 10-year-old when they crossed the border from Mexico to the United States alone, without any other family, in hopes of a better life.

Book compares presidential legacies

George W. Bush followed former president Ronald Reagan’s example but forged his own path during the current presidents term, Lou Cannon said, speaking before a group of invited guests at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library on Thursday in a speech that discussed his latest book, “Reagan’s Disciple.”

Executive orders: acts of convenience

When publicly elected officials have the power to work in secrecy, what have we, the public, lost? When a right to gain access to information that should be deemed "public" is denied, where do we turn to in order to learn from our mistakes?

Students attend GOP convention

Fireworks exploded in the air and balloons descended from the sky to announce the end of an emotional and exciting Republican National Con­vention. Two University of La Verne students, Rob Strauss and Lori Cruz, had the chance to attend.

Fitzwater speaks at President’s Dinner

Opening with a one-liner and an update on scandal in Washington, former presidential press secretary Marlin Fitzwater sent roars of laughter through the formal ensemble of guests at the first annual President’s Dinner at the Ontario Airport Marriott on Jan. 20.

Stockman’s Slip

With the magnitude of problems facing the Reagan administration today, there is no room left for the squabbles that have been produc­ing headline after headline. How can the President hope to devise a successful economic solution if he can't control the members of his cabinet.

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