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Dreamy new play won’t put you to sleep

International theater director Georgij Paro shined a new light on the University of La Verne’s theatre department with a dramatic play called “Life’s a Dream,” written by the Spanish playwright Pedro Calderon de la Barca performed this week.

Two Timothys, a trio of classics

Two members of the music department showcased their melodic talents at the University of La Verne’s faculty concert Feb. 25.

Thespians give a classic fresh flare

The great William Shakespeare’s words in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” were given new life last weekend when the ULV Theatre Department presented the play to a crowd who was eager to experience the cast’s creativity.

Dreaming the Night Away

The University of La Verne’s Theatre Arts Department is gearing up for its latest production, William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The play will feature a unique musical score and lighting design, arranged by some of the University’s most artistic minds.

‘Far Away’ brings audience close

When you think of a play you think, beginning, middle and end. Usually, you leave the theater thinking “wow that was a wonderful show.” Stephanie Barraco wanted to make her audience think and not be told what was going on, and to get involved with the surroundings and not just observe her play “Far Away.”

Finding their voice in ‘Missing Pauses’

by Melissa Betsy Lau Editorial Director The house lights of the Cabaret Theatre cast a golden glow on the mosaics lining a small portion of...

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