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Business students offer free tax services

The University’s College of Business and Public Management is offering a free Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, or VITA, program for the community. This is a program sponsored by the IRS and staffed by business students. It is geared toward students and families with incomes lower than $75,000 within the city and surrounding areas.

Bill to boost legal cannnabis market

A bill introduced at the end of January could give legal cannabis businesses a temporary tax reduction to help the legal industry combat its illegal counterparts. 

California needs the gas tax

As our world is ravaged by our excessive use of fossil fuels we need our consumption kept in check. The current gas tax that proposition 6 seeks to repeal is the first step in staying accountable and it is a fee that needs to be paid.

Amazon does not need handouts

Early next year, Amazon will unveil the location of its second headquarters in the U.S. Although a time has not been announced, Amazon has promised to invest $5 billion for the new location and employ 50,000 white-collar workers with an annual salary of $100,000.

Letter to the Editor

The current Republican administration in this nation is proposing three things which could be highly problematic for all students attending (or planning to attend) college.

New tax increase hurts the poor

People making $250,000 or less per year may face a tax increase after the 2018 budget was approved by the U.S. House Oct. 19 with all Republican and no Democratic votes.

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