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New light relieves traffic

The city of La Verne installed a new traffic light on B Street and Bonita Avenue because of frequent car accidents at the intersection.

Taking the traffic bull by the horns

This Monday morning started out like any other Monday morning at Casa de Anderson: Your cantankerous author rolled out of bed, put on his robe and parked his posterior at the breakfast table to eat the first meal of the day and watch the KTLA Morning News.

MIRT technology stops traffic for right price

Tired of sitting in traffic waiting for the light to turn from red to green? Tired of having to stomp on the brakes just seconds after you realize you cannot beat the yellow light?

Alley should be closed to traffic

There is only five minutes left for class and you have to run from Davenport to the Barkley Building. Little do you know that as you are making the mad dash to class, there is a car racing out of the Oaks parking lot through the alley between the AAIC and Barkley buildings.

Film frenzy floods theaters filling various tastes

Along with the rush of shopping for gifts and decorating, this holiday season also brings the prime time for movie makers to sell and market their movies.

Oscar race ‘Almost’ started

It is the end of September and still nearly seven months before every star bedazzles their dress, highlights their hair and hooks with the newest "hottie," but already in the Hollywood industry people and moviegoers are predicting and handicapping their best guesses for the 2000 Academy Awards Ceremony.

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