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Transgender detainees need care

The lack of medical attention and poor mental health treatment in the only detention center dedicated to transgender migrants is only a microcosm of the overall poor treatment of the transgender and immigrant community in our country.

New bill supports trans graduates

Transgender and nonbinary college graduates in California could have the right to change their legal name and gender on their diplomas if a bill recently proposed in the state legislature become law.

Transgender lives honored

The unique struggles of transgender individuals and the effects of violence against them was recognized at the National Trans Day Vigil Wednesday in the Ludwick Center for Spirituality, Cultural Understanding, and Community Engagement Sacred Space.

Enfield finds her identity

Michelle Enfield of the Red Running Into The Water People clan, born from the Black Streak Wood People clan, presented the history of Native Americans and the term ‘two spirit’ which she recently chose to identify as.

Debate discusses transgender rights

The debate team and Gender Sexuality Alliance club came together April 26 to discuss whether the United States has done enough to support transgender people.

Films commemorate trans people

The Center of Multicultural Services celebrated National Transgender Awareness Day on Nov. 20 by playing a series of movies celebrating and informing people about the transgender community.

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