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Now more than ever, your vote counts

Despite the overwhelming conditions of the pandemic making it difficult to focus on other issues, it is still important to use our voices and our votes in a year that will have great influence on everyone’s future.

Voting needs to be guaranteed for all

The ability to vote by mail, which has long been a feature of California elections, has become needed nationwide more than ever during this time of social distancing. However, numerous states have not fully implemented this process, causing many voters to be left facing a decision between their right to vote and risking their health. 

New bill calls for compulsory voting

California could soon require all registered voters to cast a ballot under a newly proposed law.

Voting: Your right & responsibility

Voting is the fundamental right of every U.S. citizen. It allows the people to come together and elect leaders through the democratic process.

Letters to the Editor

The 2020 election is undoubtedly the most important election in my lifetime. This is a call to all students (and faculty) to become involved in the political process and help create a more inclusive and free society.

Voting age could be lowered to 17

In a recent informal poll of 20 University of La Verne students, half said they would support lowering the voting age to 17 in California.

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