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La Verne loses baseball legend Ben Hines

Ben Hines, former La Verne baseball coach and hitting coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers, died Jan. 13. He was 85.

Letter to the Editor

As a young man I look back to my younger years, growing up playing baseball. I remember dreaming of bigger better stages to compete and display my abilities in the sport. I came from programs that did not have winning traditions, in fact they could be considered among the worst programs over the past 10 years in southern California.

Letter to the Editor

I couldn’t agree more with the editorial comments opposing the removal of Ben Hines Field for a parking lot (“Field of broken dreams,” April 22).

A ‘Vegas’ good-bye to Old Gym

The final hoorah for the Old Gym took place last Wednesday to commemorate the facility that has been a part of the University of La Verne’s campus for more than eight decades.

Alumni look back at ULV memories

The annual Alumni Day was held this past Saturday, April 25, on the University of La Verne campus with an approximate attendance of 200.

La Verne dedicates field to Hines

The University of La Verne baseball field will be dedicated to La Verne alumnus Ben Hines tomorrow at 5 p.m., as part of the Homecoming festivities.

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