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Letter to the Editor

I believe it's time for all of us to rise in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Photography exposes the truths of war and loss

Shannon Benine, professor of photography at the University of La Verne, shed light on the state of war in our country through photographs she captured during the faculty lecture Tuesday in the Quay Davis Executive Board Room.

Beauty found beneath ‘Rubble’ of war

Students and faculty members studied and discussed post-war artworks at the “Out of Rubble” exhibition reception Tuesday in the Harris Gallery.

Cozbar shares Syrian perspective

The fondest memories Noelle Cozbar, senior political science major, has of her childhood in Syria of a country much different to the one currently engulfed in a civil war that has affected her family and Syrian citizens.

Cyber warfare is a real issue

With the advancement in technological warfare, it seems that countries that primarily use human soldiers are now going to have a difficult task of combating enemies, especially ones they cannot see.

Letters to the Editor

I'm writing to thank you for publishing the articles about Cpl. Bernard Corpuz in last week's issue.

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