Precautions taken for construction site

by Tanessa Dillard
Managing Editor

The University of La Verne community may have to deal with a parking problem this year, due in part to the current Wilson Library construction, but as far as feeling unsafe around the site, there is no need to fear.

“We’ve done things to ensure that the students should be safe,” said Brian Worley, director of facilities management. “I feel that we have done a fairly good job ensuring their safety.”

Prior to last week, a crane hovered above cars and people in the parking lot on Second Street.

According to Worley, the crane was removed last Wednesday.

“We’ve been concerned about that,” he said. “It’s a very tight job site in terms of space available. The initial stages of construction require much more space, larger vehicles and cranes to be around the job site.”

Security supervised all crane work.

Other precautions that have been made include fencing off the work site and posting signs that designated it a hard hat area.

“We’re also following all the building and safety code regulations,” said Worley.

President Stephen Morgan said the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) completed a major inspection of the site a couple of weeks ago. OSHA does not give any notice as to when they will do an inspection.

“We’re always concerned about safety. We try very hard to monitor it and make sure workers are following the rules,” said Dr. Morgan. “It’s obviously a challenge when you have that many workers and students and staff so close to the site.”

Worley said, “As we enter the next stage of construction, we will be much more contained in the fenced area.”

More parking will be available.

Another safety issue is sexual harassment. On two occasions, students were whistled at and/or remarks were made by construction workers.

“Both instances were dealt with immediately,” Worley said. “If students are harassed, I would like to know immediately. The workers know they will be thrown off the job site if they do that.”

Tanessa Dillard, Managing Editor
Tanessa Dillard
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