ULV Graphics given 90 days to improve

by Tanessa Dillard
Managing Editor

Prior to his resignation last month, Bruce Baron, former vice president of Administration and Finance, threatened to terminate the University of La Verne’s contract with Collegiate Press, the company contracted to run ULV Graphics. The threat was made after an on-going conflict of high prices and poor service with ULV Graphics.

Baron notified the Collegiate Press, stating that it was not in compliance with the contract. Under the contract, he was required to provide the 30 day notice before terminating the agreement.

President Stephen Morgan met with the president of Collegiate Press, William P. Corrigan, on Wednesday to discuss whether the partnership between ULV and Collegiate Press should continue or be dissolved.

“We had a good meeting,” said Dr. Morgan. “We had an opportunity to share mutual concerns.”

Since personnel changes have been made by both parties in the two years since the contract was signed, some communication lines were lost. Dr. Morgan and Corrigan agreed to improve direct communication.

They also agreed to drop the original 30 day notice that Baron initiated. Now, there is a 90 day period. Corrigan will take the issues back to the head offices in Watertown, Mass. Then, they will meet again in December to see what progress has been made.

“Both of us are generally interested in solving the problem and continuing our partnership on a long term basis,” said Dr. Morgan.

If dissolved, possible alternatives would be for ULV Graphics to do its own printing, or to send all printing work to an outside printer.

“I think Collegiate Press would admit we’ve had problems,” said Dr. Morgan. “I think (they) want to continue serving the University of La Verne and I think they want to meet our needs.”

According to Dr. Morgan, ULV Graphics fell under Baron’s duties as vice president. He took over work with Graphics after Baron resigned. Ray Bergeron, regional operations manager of Collegiate Press, will work with Dr. Morgan until a new vice president of Administration and Finance is hired.

Bergeron attended a portion of the meeting Wednesday.

“We work very hard for the school, and we will take another look at our operation. We will examine our procedures and try to improve and serve the University better,” he said.

Dr. Morgan held a meeting last week with members of the campus community who use the printing services most.

The represented groups included University Relations, the College of Law, School of Continuing Education and the Graduate Studies program.

Tanessa Dillard, Managing Editor
Tanessa Dillard
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