ULV debate team undergoes changes

by LaShanda D. Maze
Managing Editor

In a newly formatted program that is exploring a different method of competing, the University of La Verne debate team is undergoing one of their busiest schedules with debates every weekend.

Head debate coach Jason Sandford envisioned the 1997-98 school year as a chance to develop a “smaller but stronger program.”

Sandford wanted to step up the pressure of students by maximizing their potential for those who continued on with debate.

In the beginning of the year senior David Randall and freshman Sean Kripinsky were the only two qualified to debate at national level. Changes in the internal structure, however, has meant that Randall was relieved of his position as captain and president of the debate union prior to last week’s competition in San Diego.

Randall feels that although he is no longer on debate that “I’m still the team leader but I’m not officially the leader.”

The teams are now separated to compete at two different levels of debate; local and regional, and national. Sandford has arranged each of the teams according to each debater’s individual skills.

Since there are so many debaters this year, 14, and travel expenses limit how many students can attend national debates, Sandford wants each student to compete only at their level.

The team is made of Judy Polanco, president of the Ciceronian Debate Society, John Keller, president of the Periclean Oratorical Society, Kelly Young, Novice Representative, Fabiola Ochoa, Ryan Sones, Mitch Berthelson, Seth Halverson, Jennifer Phillips, Nikkia Williams, Mark Rodriguez, Evan Martinez, Robin Forgey and Robert Yount.

Debate Results

SAN DIEGO STATE, Oct 17-19, 1997

Speaker Awards: 1st-Sean Krispinsky (115/167)
Rankings: 5th-Mitch Berthelson & Krispinsky (3-1/3-3)
7th-Ryan Sones & a CSUN representative (3-3)
9th-Fabiola Ochoa & John Keller (2-4)

CPC FOUR: LaVerne, Oct 11, 1997

Debate Awards: 5th-Keller & Sones, 3-2
Rankings: 5th-Keller & Sones
Number of Teams Entered: 12 (ULV Teams: 3)

LEWIS & CLARK, Oct 10-12, 1997

Debate Awards: 9th-Krispinsky & David Randall
Speaker Awards: 3rd-Krispinsky
Rankings: 8th-Krispinsky & Randall
Number of Teams Entered: 36 (ULV Teams: 1)

MT. SAC, Oct 4-5, 1997

Debate Awards: 5th -Ochoa & Judy Polanco
Rankings: 8th-Ochoa & Polanco
9th-Keller & Ed Maldonado
Number of Teams Entered: 25 (ULV Teams: 2)

AIR FORCE: USAFA, Oct 3-6, 1997

Debate Awards: Honorable Mention (4-2/300)
Rankings: 17th (of 48)
Number of Teams Entered: 48 (ULV Teams: 1)

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