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Science wins $500k

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The University of La Verne’s science division received a grant of $500,000 from the W.M. Keck Foundation for its new nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, which cost the University $475,000.

The leftover money will be used to remodel room 14 in Founders Hall.

The University still needs more than $800,000 and is currently working with outside sources for more help to complete the project, which should be finished by spring 2006.

The Keck Foundation notified the University that its funding proposal was approved on June 30.

The remodeling project was conceived by Chemistry Department Chair Iraj Parchamazad.

Once completed, the project will be named the W.M. Keck Foundation facility.

This facility will allow students and faculty to conduct research on campus instead of traveling to other locations.

And it will allow ULV to continue its relationships with other universities, including Cal Poly Pomona, UC Riverside and the University of Florida.

This grant is the University’s first award from the Keck Foundation.

The establishment of the nuclear medical research facility located in Founders Hall is part of the University’s ongoing efforts to bring a research-grade 400 megahertz spectrometer to the science department.

It will enhance the science division’s medical research, Parchamazad said.

“It is an honor for ULV to partner with the W.M. Keck Foundation,” said University President Steve Morgan. “Receiving this grant is a tremendous accomplishment, both for the Natural Science and the University. It gives us the opportunity to enhance our available technology and serves to reinforce our commitment to science education.”

The grant focuses on pioneering efforts in medical research, science and engineering.

The foundation maintains a program that supports undergraduate science and humanities education.

The Keck’s Southern California Grant Program provides support in the areas of health care, community services, education of science, chemistry and the arts, Parchamazad said.

“We are ecstatic about receiving this grant and extremely grateful to the W.M. Keck Foundation,” said Robert Neher, natural science division chairman.

“It will give us the much needed analytical tool to provide research in chemistry, biology and physics,” he added. “This grant is an affirmation of the quality and expertise of our facility and it will enable us to better prepare our students to be leaders in our rapidly changing, highly technical society.’

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