Kober creates delicious laughter

Jillian Peña
Editorial Director

There is not a lot to say about Jen Kober’s performance other than if you chose to go back to your room to do homework, decided to go to bed early, or went to get dinner with your friends, then it sucks to be you.

She pretty much blew away the 150 students that attended her comedy show Wednesday.

Founders Auditorium roared with laughter as Kober fired off an arsenal of jokes one right after another.

People could hardly contain themselves as she spit jokes at the audience. Everyone clapped, wiggled, screamed and jumped up and down in their seats as each joke was something that they could relate to.

As the performance went on it seemed as if the laughing just got louder and louder.

Nearly every word Kober uttered got at least a giggle.

Kober mastered the art of facial expression as she stared down people in the audience; even her silence drew hysterical laughter.

“Everything she said was hilarious,” sophomore Chris Weedon said. “I’m not going to lie though it was the funniest when she was making fun of Sara.”

Campus Activities Board Chairwoman Sara Weythman took a verbal beating from Kober. The words “skinny bitch” were used fiercely and frequently in reference to Weythman and anyone else in the audience, or the world for that matter, who wears a single digit pant size.

Kober’s opening material centered on a friend of hers named Sarah. Apparently Sarah, who is really named Susan, is a “skinny bitch” who says and does things that pretty much write Kober’s jokes.

In the midst of her ramblings about Sarah she looked straight into the audience and smack in the middle of the front row sat Weythman.

There she was in her size zero pants just waiting to be eaten alive by Kober.

She became the new focus of the show.

Anyone in the audience who knew Weythman could not help but laugh as Kober focused in on her. The added bonus was that her name just happened to be Sarah as well.

“It was all in good fun,” Weythman said. “I thought her humor was so funny, it appealed to me so much, there was no way I could take any of it personal.”

It was nice that Weythman was such a good sport because the jokes made for some quality entertainment.

Rickety old Founders Auditorium shook with all the excitement.

From her jokes about being “hard to kidnap,” to her new renditions of a few old Broadway favorites, to her raunchy sex jokes, she obviously knew what the ULV students needed to hear to get a laugh.

CAB Comedy Chair Sam Toia was beaming after an event that she knew was successful.

“She is amazing, she did the show for cheap because she lives in the area,” Toia said. “Not only was she extremely nice but the show was great. I couldn’t have asked for a better turnout.”

Kober is definitely going to be a hard act to follow. On April 11 comedian K.T. Tatura will have his work cut out for him, Kober has set the bar high.

“I’m going to compare every comedian to her from now on,” Weedon said. “If the next guy comes and he sucks I’m going to have to heckle him.”

If you are interested in seeing more of Kober be sure to keep an eye out for her Comedy Central special, the new Jamie Kennedy movie “Heckler,” and her Sierra Mist ads.

Jillian Peña can be reached by email at jpena2@ulv.edu.

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