Mentalists use twin powers to shock

Brianna Means
Staff Writer

John and Adrian Saint have an uncanny ability to deduce information about people through a trait they call Twin Sensory Perception or TSP. They showcased their abilities at 10 p.m. Wednesday in the Campus Center Ballroom.

The twin brothers discovered their odd gift for knowing things without being told when they were 22. After the two attended different colleges, they realized that they both signed up for similar classes while one attended UC Davis and the other UC Riverside, without even knowing it.

“When we go to the same place, people wonder why we do not greet one another or even acknowledge the other’s presence,” John Saint said. “What they do not understand is that we do, just in a nonverbal way.”

At the age of 22, the two brothers began playing card tricks, and within five years upgraded and created the program displayed on Wednesday.

Kevin Dowell, CAB’s comedy chair selected the brothers to perform after searching on Google.

“They were very proactive about performing at the University of La Verne so I decided to have them come and perform for the students,” Dowell said.

The brothers’ first demonstration called for eight volunteers. The first volunteer was called onto the stage and handed a phonebook while the other seven were handed envelopes with cards inside.

The volunteer on stage selected a random page from the phonebook and read a random number from the page to the audience. Then each of the other seven volunteers pulled the card out of their envelope and held the card out for everyone to see the same seven numbers read from the phonebook.

The brothers ended the program with a guessing game. They had a jar of gumballs and they asked the audience to guess how many gumballs there were with the hint that it was between 400 and 800.

“I am going to send this number to you (telepathically) and you have to think of the number after I snap my finger,” Adrian Saint said. “Go with your gut feeling.”

He then asked the audience to stand if the number they chose was between 501 and 600. He then asked those standing to tell John Saint the numbers for him to write down. The amount of gumballs in the jar was 551 and the closest person to getting it was Beth Janetzke, sophomore psychology major, who guessed 553.

Before they started this trick, the brothers told the audience that they sent Dowell a package with a pre-recorded cassette tape. They showed the audience that the tape’s tabs were cut, not allowing any change after recording.

Dowell told the audience that he had not opened the package nor did he know what was in it when it was in his possession. The two brothers played the tape for the audience.

On the tape, one of the brothers described the person who would get the closest number to be two numbers off, a female with shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing a green and navy striped shirt with a hood with jeans and grayish shoes. All of these things were in fact true of Janetzke.

“At first, I thought this whole program was going to be B.S. but now I am extremely freaked out,” Janetzke said. “I was really surprised when I heard the tape and what was said was exactly right.”

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