Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
I’m writing to let you know what I think about the layout of the front page of the May 1 Campus Times. It is of poor taste and quite offensive. I thought we had more class than that. I can’t believe that “Applying safe sex principles” merits the front page slot, bigger than “Lieberman named President of the Year.” A picture of Dr. Lieberman next to her article would have been a better choice.

In my opinion, I have nothing against the article itself, front page is not the best place for it. If the editor does not care for Dr. Lieberman, you could have expressed it in a different manner. That’s the message I got from the front page. Thank you for your time.

Roselyne Shutts
Regional and Online Campuses Student Services Administrative Assistant

Dear Editor,
I am not sure if the May 1 Campus Times was intended to get more attention with the “Applying safe sex principles” article picture. I am a firm believer in educating our students and ensuring that everyone is as informed as possible regarding culturally important topics. I am also pleased that applied safe sex is a topic that we, as a University, encourage for our students. I do, however, firmly believe that extremely poor judgment was used in the visually appalling photo that was the primary focus of the front page of the May 1 issue.

Our honorable president, Devorah Lieberman, has earned significant honors over the past and her recent award of being named President of the Year by the Association of College Unions International is simply outstanding. The article that is on the front page of the May 1 issue of Campus Times is appropriately well-written and professional. The article on our Leopard’s softball team clinching a play-off berth contains news that is nothing less than spectacular for our University athletics representation. I find it difficult to imagine that a photo of these two fine articles about noteworthy events was either not available or determined not to be as valuable or pertinent to grace the front page of our representative paper.

My hope is that we are not trying to make a statement based upon “shock”-driven journalism and that this was a fluke. My hope is that we move forward in a manner that represents the mission of our University, through thoughtful journalism, in the best manner possible. We have amazing contributions to showcase in our paper that should bring topics to the forefront that reflect the university’s governing morals. Topics such as the Spirit of La Verne Awards scream our mission and its article was unfortunately tucked onto page 5, while “Condom Olympics” earned a 10-inch front page photo.

I appreciate your time and consideration of my concerns.

DeAnne Bland
Regional and Online Campuses Student Services Analyst

Dear Editor,
After reading the May 1 Campus Times this past week, I was appalled by the picture on the front page. There is absolutely no reason that should be even in print, let alone on the front page. I believe in freedom of the press but not putting a picture out there that everyone sees. You truly insulted President Lieberman by putting that picture right next to her article naming her President of the Year. I know there is nothing you can do about it now, because the damage has been done but please take your job a little bit more serious and edit what goes out.

Robyn Carder
Executive Assistant to Vice President of Strategic Enrollment Management and Communications

Roselyne Shutts
DeAnne Bland
La Verne City Council candidate Robin Carder, who is the vice president of enrollment management at the University of La Verne, has also been a board member for the Bonita Unified School District for nine years. Carder is the president of the La Verne Tennis Association. She is competing for one of two open council seats in the March 3 election. / photo by Rafael Anguiano
Robyn Carder

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