New program gives students employment opportunities

Yulissa Chavez
Staff Writer

Meet Up Mondays is a new employer engagement series launched by the Career Center at the University of La Verne. These sessions are virtual via Microsoft Teams and feature the employers of a specific organization within different industries during each session. Previous Meet Up Mondays have presented employers from the Los Angeles Police Department, Circle K and the City of Hope. 

Three hour sessions run from noon to 3 p.m. with the first hour being an information session or diversity panel followed by two hours of drop-in office hours with the recruiters. 

The longer duration of these sessions opens up the opportunity for students to attend and be part of the conversations taking place around their schedules. 

“It is an opportunity to engage our students with employers who want to hire them and it is a way to educate our students that the process doesn’t have to be scary and that it is better to be prepared now versus having to figure it out on their own when they graduate,” said Amanda Miller, director of the career center. 

The program began when employers began reaching out to the Career Center with information and employment opportunities for students. The Career Center switched from general employer events to a series focused on providing students with the opportunity to discover the values of an organization, available and upcoming positions, qualifications and one-on-one or small group conversations with recruiters depending on the number of people on the call through Meet Up Mondays. 

The series provides an in-depth look at organizations and first-hand experiences of employers to help students visualize if they can picture themselves in similar career fields and establishments.  Students are provided with a chance to speak directly with recruiters and learn steps that can be taken to achieve their goals.

“It is a more intimate view of an organization because if you go look on Google, you’ll see departments but you aren’t meeting the people who work in them and with Meet Up Mondays sometimes you are meeting the employees that are partnered with organizations,” said Melissa Moss, academic and employer experiences manager.

Meet Up Mondays is unique because it allows students to engage with employers who are interested specifically with students of the University of La Verne, building a connection there. 

The program serves as a resource to students by connecting them with people in different stages of their educational and career paths.

“They also offer access to undergraduate, graduate, nursing students, physician assistants, and other alumni which I think is a great advantage because it gets you a foot inside the door on your career search,” Araceli Martin, junior biology major, said.

The series provides new knowledge of organizations, and internship and employment opportunities for attendants.

“Meet Up Mondays are very interesting because you get to hear about all these organizations that we don’t know about that maybe one day we will be working with,” Lauren Miranda, senior international studies major, said.

The Career Center encourages all students across different majors to engage in their sessions throughout the semester to gain new perspectives on the roles within organizations. 

“Be curious. Although a particular organization sits in a specific industry, they need all types of people in that organization to make it run, so don’t limit yourself because the organization isn’t limiting you,” Moss said. 

Upcoming sessions will feature Los Angeles Unified School District, Northwestern Mutual Ontario, Pomona Unified with their The Learning Connection program and the FBI.

The next Meet Up Mondays event is on April 4 at noon with representatives from the Los Angeles Unified School District.

For more information and registration visit Handshake on the La Verne portal.

Yulissa Chavez can be reached at

Yulissa Chavez, a junior communications major and sociology minor, is a staff writer for the Campus Times.


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