Power sports rev up at the Fairplex

Yulissa Chavez
Staff Writer

The Fairplex in Pomona held the California Power Sports Expo on March 26 and 27. This event united outdoor sports and adventure brands through vendor booths, the National Championships for hydrogen-powered remote control car races, a car show, and other activities.

Around 100 people attended the event, some controlling their remote cars beside them as they walked around the expo halls and others browsed the approximate 50 vendors inside the expo hall selling sports cars and accessories, all-natural seasonings, and insurances, to name a few. 

“We are displaying some of our trucks and parts for the show,” said Tom Allen, vice president of RC4WD, a Silicon Valley-based automotive model products company. “We have some show specials on trucks and we are doing a demonstration for people to drive one of our 124 scale trucks.”

Their booth featured an interactive opportunity to drive electronic versions of their trucks on a mountain slope made out of styrofoam and drywall mud.

“We’ve been having a lot of fun with a lot of kids and parents interacting with a part of the demo course,” Allen said. 

Apart from vehicles, outdoor gear and educational services were also being showcased by vendors. With the high-energy activities like power sports comes the importance of safety in mind.

Self-Reliance Medical promoted their medical training and tools with a mannequin and suture practice pads at their booth.

“These mannequins and demonstrations show how to do wound packing, wound bandaging, how to put a tourniquet, and anything of how to work out of our kits,” said Chris Jaime, representative of Self-Reliance Medical.

Vendors that are not traditionally associated with sports expos, such as scuba diving, were out trying to expand their audience with their suits on display and a wheel with prizes including $200 gift cards, a night dive course, and t-shirts.

“It is not the normal industry we would usually market to and we wanted to see if we could involve ourselves in other industries where other people also seek adventure because scuba diving is all about seeking adventure,” said Alexandra Kahler, assistant scuba instructor at Scuba Schools of America.

The outside area had about 10 cars painted, modified, and with props on display to replicate famous cars from films. Among these were the Jurassic Park green and red Ford Explorer with a triceratops animatronic on its hood and the bright yellow Pizza Planet Toyota pickup with a pizza order and Woody from “Toy Story” cut out right beside it.

“The painting side of the hobby is something I have been trying to get into and I saw some of the stuff here so that was really interesting,” said Eddie Zepeda, resident of Pacoima.

The second expo hall of the event held the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix California State Final where students raced fuel-celled powered RC cards that they engineered, designed, and built on their own.

“This is an endurance race with RC cars powered by hydrogen alone and for this race, which is the State Champion we are allowed two batteries and sixteen hydrogen sticks which through the system called the hydrogen fuel cell system turn it into energy for an electro reaction,” said Joshua Kelley, team lead for Edison. For more information, visit capowersportsexpo.com

 Yulissa Chavez can be reached at yulissa.chavez@laverne.edu.

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Yulissa Chavez, a junior communications major and sociology minor, is a staff writer for the Campus Times.


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