Students research projects shared with ULV community

Pedro Isao Mori
Staff Writer

The student CASE Day and Mini Maker Fair showcased works of scientific research, literary research, programming and more Tuesday in the Abraham Campus Center Ballroom.

CASE stands for Celebrate the Arts, Scholarship, and Engagement. The fair began as an event to promote and encourage faculty and students to share their findings or projects they’ve worked on. The event had 14 different presentations.

Junior computer science major Anthony Guarrera spoke about his app designed to emulate an EMT patient care reporting system. The app took reports and separated them into files for students to go through, just like how reports would come in the real world. 

“I have been working at Pasadena City College and assisting their EMT program,” Guarrera said. “I kind of noticed an aspect missing from their program was the implementation of an electronic patient care reporting system. Although we simulated it on paper it doesn’t give the feel of a real 911 system.”  

Guarrera also said that he is considering making a generic template for other colleges to adopt this because he believes that this is an aspect that needs to be emphasized so students are ready for similar situations on the actual job.

Education was also a topic present at student CASE Day. 

Graduate child development student Luisa Estanaga’s presentation discussed the importance of having books in classrooms that represent children with special needs. This was in hopes of developing an inclusive environment where children with disabilities do not feel any different from other children.

“It started off as an assignment for one of my classes,” Estanaga said. “From there it has just grown to the point where I have presented at multiple conferences and multiple schools. I was actually at the (Conference on Academic Research in Education) in Las Vegas. I’m working to build a manuscript to be published one day.”

Estanaga said she wants to keep working in order to bring awareness to the topic. She said despite establishing connections at the conferences she has attended and suggesting material for schools to use, there has not been any noticeable impact on schools yet. 

Senior computer science major Jorge Garcia presented a 3D printed marble maze which he designed. The maze was completely 3D printed including the gears that moved the board around.

“I’m a computer science student, and anything technology-wise excites me,” Garcia said. “I love coding and everything. I did this for an internship when I wanted to learn something new. I like 3D printing because you can print anything you want. It’s something innovative that I wanted to learn about.”

Faculty from the College of Law presented their San Bernardino Misdemeanor Appellate Advocacy Clinical Program on behalf of some of the law students. This program involved law students getting firsthand experience defending indigent clients in the courtroom.

Assistant Professor of Law Michele Assael-Shafia said this was something that made the program unique. Unlike other projects where students present their findings to peers or professors, students from the College of Law had to present legal cases to a group of judges. 

“We have 13 students enrolled now handling legal cases and we’re presenting their appeals today,” said Placido Gomez, College of Law associate dean for academic affairs. “We handle real clients who have appealed their convictions in San Bernardino County.”

This means that they need to be creative with their legal research since punishment from a judge involves real world consequences, making this an in-depth learning experience for the students, Gomez added. 

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Pedro Isao Mori, a freshman journalism major and business management minor, is a staff writer for the Campus Times.


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