Erica Rae Sanchez

‘Machinal’ shows power in a woman’s voice

The play “Machinal” tells a story of heartbreak and despair as a young woman feels trapped, unable to free herself from people in her life that smother her with unwanted “love.”

Energy cleansing through crystals

Jane Duran, junior communication through art major, led a classroom of 18 people on the importance of stones and crystals in one’s life at an event titled “Nature through Spirituality.”

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Campus events for the week of April 26, 2019.

Modern political storytelling analyzed

Jason Neidleman, professor of political science, delved into his research about Rousseau and his impact on philosophy and politics during his talk titled “My Reason Chooses the Sentiment My Heart Prefers: Rousseau on Political Imagination.” 

Movie Review: ‘Little’ falls short

The movie “Little,” which released this past weekend, did not leave an impressionable mark.


Campus and community art events for the week of April 12, 2019.

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