Litsy Tellez

Leopards’ late comeback falls short against Occidental

The Leopards were not quick enough in their 55-50 loss against the Occidental Tigers at the Frantz Athletic Court Saturday afternoon.

Elliott shares holistic teaching approach

Niki Elliott, co-director of the Center for Neurodiversity, Learning and Wellness, talked about the importance of heart-centered education and how educators can better serve their students with it at the weekly faculty lecture on Tuesday in the Executive Dining Room.

ULV professor breaks down activism

Gyasmine George, assistant professor of educational counseling, talked about her research on what it means to be an activist at the weekly faculty lecture on Nov. 23.

Collaborative work is not always smooth

Kathy Duncan, professor of management, discusses her research on how collaborations can go wrong in some situations Tuesday at the Quay Davis Executive Board Room.

Black women marginalized in education

Kimberly White-Smith, dean of the LaFetra College of Education, talked about her findings on the experiences of Black mother scholars in education on Tuesday at the weekly faculty lecture.

Altars honor the death of loved ones

Giselle Ruiz, sophomore legal studies major, admires the Dia de los Muertos altars at the Ludwick Center on Oct. 28.

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