Yaya Pineda

Wecksell’s one-man show connects audience

Laughter and occasional awkward silence filled the Morgan Auditorium Nov. 20 as CAB presented a comedy concert night with a one-man show of Evan Wecksell.

Club unites secular points of view

The La Verne Secular Student Alliance held its informational Ask-An-Atheist booth Wednesday, which informed curious students about the new club.

LEC hosts finals party for students

The Academic Success Center hosted one of its biggest events, The Finals Countdown, on Tuesday night, which is a final opportunity to unwind before the dreaded week of finals becomes a reality.

Ebola outbreak doesn’t scare student majority

The end of October brought about nasty coughs and colds that prompted many people to diagnose themselves with Ebola, the disease that swept through West Africa and spread internationally this fall.

Li studies trainer-trainee relationship

Assistant Professor of Psychology Jeanie Li discussed the link between healthy relationships between supervisors and supervisees and psychological well being during her lecture Monday in the President’s Dining Room.

Movie Review: ‘John Wick’ delivers action

“John Wick” is an action thriller starring Keanu Reeves as a former hit man whose name induces fear to all those involved in crime in New York City.

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