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Apps’ role in suppressing women

Saudi Arabian women are seeking asylum from oppressive guardianship laws, and companies like Apple and Google are contributing to their lack of safety by refusing to remove the Absher app from their app stores.

Rhythm method returns with Natural Cycles app

Natural Cycles was approved last month by the FDA as a medical device for use as a contraceptive.

It’s time to ‘unfriend’ Facebook

Facebook and its recent data breach concerns are making users rethink the amount of information they share and whether or not they should keep their accounts active.

Student apps solve unique problems

Wish you had a list of every college party going on this weekend? What about a way to set up meetings with friends who live across town? Or a way to keep tabs on the guy who sells corn out of a little cart? Like the commercial used to say, “there’s an app for that.”

ASULV duo plans for campus app

With bright ideas such as an app that will announce on-campus events and higher transparency of what ASULV is doing, newly elected Associated Students of La Verne President Alexis Coria, junior business administration major, and Vice President Alaia Azarcon, junior kinesiology major, aim to strengthen the University’s mission statement on community and diversity.

LiveSafe app provides reassurance to students

In a time when campus crime and active shooters are more than just occasional headlines on a page, the University of La Verne has begun to reach out to the on-campus community, in part, via a downloadable app.

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