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Student gov’t gets facelift

In conjunction with a newly revamped constitution and bylaws, the Associated Students Federation Forum will now lead under a new name – ASULV – emphasizing an enhanced organization designed to better represent student interests through advocacy and to encourage two-way communication.

Cooper’s comedy cracks up crowd

Students looking to relieve the stress of the third week of school found the perfect way to do it Thursday, when the comical performance of Alycia Cooper filled almost every seat available in Founders Auditorium.

Student feedback sought for new constitution

The Associated Student Federation Forum is continuing its transition from an activities organizer to a more politically active body and is currently holding open forums to receive feedback on its newly revised constitution.

Student apathy on the decline

It seems that things are starting to improve on campus. No, no. Founders Hall is not getting the refurbishing that it so desperately needs and deserves as of right now. And no, plans to improve the parking situation are not being thrown into the mix quite yet.

Beware, bad luck is in the air

Yes, it’s true, today is Friday the 13th. Although most of you probably don’t believe in all the goofy superstitions and legends associated with this ill-fated date, we have decided to lend those who do believe in this stuff a hand.

News Briefs

Campus news for the week of April 15, 2005.

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