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ULV professor breaks down activism

Gyasmine George, assistant professor of educational counseling, talked about her research on what it means to be an activist at the weekly faculty lecture on Nov. 23.

Students tackle environmentalist philosophies

Students from different colleges and countries gathered to discuss different approaches to create an ecological civilization at the second International Youth Forum in Pitzer College last Friday.

Lecture discusses racism in media

Assistant Professor of English Laurie Rodrigues discussed her research on people of color and their misrepresentation in media, politics, literature and prison as well as their underrepresentation on Tuesday in the President’s Dining Room.

Death penalty creates hell on earth

Death is upon us, all around us and within. It is a reality that hovers over the sick, the young, the meek, the old and the innocent. It strikes without warning when someone's time is naturally up, and it is acceptable and understood. However, today death is fantasized over, accelerated and used as a weapon against humanity by humanity all in the name of justice.

Heart attack kills Eldridge Cleaver

Leroy Eldridge Cleaver, consultant to the Coalition for Diversity at the University of La Verne, died last Friday morning at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. The former Black Panther figure was 62.

Letter to the Editor

In response to Ms. Araceli Esparza's article, ["Eldridge Cleaver recounts struggle," Nov. 21], I have one concern. On the front page of the newspaper, in the article, there appears a quote erroneously attributed to Mr. Cleaver. The quote appears to have been misconstrued from its original meaning.

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