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Protesters march for change through downtown La Verne

Hundreds of demonstrators marched through downtown La Verne in support of the Black Lives Matter movement Wednesday afternoon.

Schools may ban cell phone use

A proposed state law would require school districts to restrict cell phone use during school hours.

LGBT students face harassment at Bonita High

A mural painted by the Gay-Straight Alliance club at Bonita High School was vandalized last week with discriminatory tagging.

Bonita students honor Parkland victims

While middle- and high school students across the country walked out of class in support of stricter gun control laws, over 700 Bonita High School students chose to use Wednesday’s nationwide event to memorialize the victims of school shootings. The demonstration took place at 10 a.m. Wednesday, on school grounds, and was part of a nationwide effort largely organized by Women’s March Youth Empower, an organization that encourages political change in communities and creates toolkits for event organizers.

15 Bonita students hospitalized

Approximately 15 Bonita High School students were hospitalized after ingesting an unknown substance Thursday afternoon, according to La Verne Police Lt. Tom Frayeh.

Lewd act prompts community warning

A safety alert email was sent to University of La Verne students this week after an incident targeting a Bonita High School student Monday.

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