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Book Review: ‘Stung’ leaves a scar on readers

In Bethany Wiggins’ newest novel “Stung” the bees are disappearing and crops are dying. To help, the government has been breeding bees in labs to help save the population. Unfortunately, children stung by these super bees die. If they get vaccinated against the stings they end up turning to violent, killer beasts. Sounds like a good time right?

Book Review: Inhuman situations uncover true humanity

The journal entry style of “The Bunker Diary” puts readers into the mind of Linus, a 16-year-old drifter who was tricked into a van and woke up to being a stranger’s personal entertainment.

Book Review: ‘Accident’ proves sex takes priority over Hitler

With a title like “The Teleportation Accident” you expect to hear about the sci-fi adventures of a nerdy, awkward pre-teen. Instead, Ned Beauman’s novel takes readers back to a vague historical reference to the 1930s to follow the misadventures of Egon Loeser in his passionate attempt to get laid during Hitler’s rise to power.

Book Review: Comedians give bad advice

If you are looking for a book that offers sane advice on rational questions, “You’re a Horrible Person, But I Like You” is not the one to choose.

Novel exposes bare truth of ‘Strip Tease’

Forget the movie. Forget Demi Moore. Forget the nudity. Carl Hiaasen's "Strip Tease," written three years before Moore made headlines for accepting $12 million for the starring role, is a dark, witty political satire with one main message at its core: politics is a dirty business, but, then again, so is everything else.

Book Review: ‘Primary Colors’ gives political insight

A womanizing, overeating, uninformed southern governor runs for president on a platform of not being a politician and appealing to the “normal” folks. By a fluke, he does surprisingly well, overcoming nearly impossible odds and wins the Democratic primary.

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