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Garcia, Weaver explore science of aging

Associate professors of biology Jerome Garcia and Kathleen Weaver shared their research on DNA in a lecture Monday in the President's Dining Room.

Ricardo Morales explains nanotechnology

Roberto Morales, assistant professor of chemistry, discussed the research he and students have been working on in his lecture “Synthesis and Characterization of Metallic Nanoparticles for Catalytic Applications.”

Greek Week canceled for poor sportsmanship

This will be the first spring semester in years that La Verne has held Greek Week events, which in for the past 15 years been a highlight in Greek Life on campus.

Abdelgawad dispels misconceptions about Egypt

Naeema Ali Abdelgawad, esteemed Egyptian Fulbright Scholar, addressed the conflicts that surround religion and misconceptions of the Middle East in her lecture and presentation of her film “Hasan and Morqos” on March 24.

Students relieve stress with Sock Wars

Most people would not have thought that bundling two socks together with neon-colored tape and throwing them at people could be a game.

Leotics boost school spirit at athletic events

With matching sea foam green T-shirts that read “Leotics – Welcome to the Jungle” The on campus group yelled creative chants and shook thunder sticks.

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