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Performers act a ‘Fool’ at lecture

Associate Professor of Theater Arts Sean Dillon revealed his new musical “Fool’s Gold” Tuesday in the President’s Dining Room.

Theater students return to Fringe Festival

University of La Verne theater students are immersing themselves in the Los Angeles theater scene by participating in the annual Hollywood Fringe Festival happening in June.

One-man show takes a dramatic turn

University of La Verne alumnus Kristopher Lee Bicknell’s one-man show “Dramatis Personae” astonished the audience in the Jane Dibbell Cabaret last weekend.

Sean Dillon’s film earns award

Assistant Professor of Theater Arts Sean Dillon won the New Belgium Indie Feature Film Award, which honors independent feature films.

‘Twelfth Night’ takes a new spin

William Shakespeare’s classic comedy “Twelfth Night,” which opened last night, should delight audience members.


Campus and community arts events for April 23, 2010.

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