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Bill responds to measles epidemic

In light of the rising rates of measles, State Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, a pediatrician, introduced legislation that aims to curb the sale of false medical exemptions for vaccinations.

Bill calls for single-payer insurance

The California Legislature is considering a single payer health care bill that could decrease costs for state residents.

ULV provides services for learning disabilities

Students attending the University of La Verne who have a learning disability can get accommodations from the school to help them take notes, administer untimed tests and other learning support specific to student needs.

College health centers may offer abortion pill

College students in California public universities and community colleges might have another option for non-surgical abortion methods, if a newly proposed State Senate Bill becomes law.

Cancer testing important for health

Early cervical and testicular cancer detection screenings are recommended for college students, according to the University health center.

STDs: be informed, stay protected

It is common for students at the University of La Verne to be tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease according to Cynthia Denne, director of student health services.

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