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First Person Experience: Yoga with goats brings people closer to nature

As I walked through the doors of Hot Yoga in Claremont Sunday, I was excited and curious as to how I was about to perform “goat yoga,” as I had never even been to a regular yoga class before.

First Person Experience: Fair provides feast for the senses

It was a warm afternoon at the Fairplex in Pomona last week as I enjoyed a day visiting the Los Angeles County Fair. I was delighted that I did not have to pay for entrance into the fair, as it was La Verne Community Day – University of La Verne students received free admission.

First Person Experience: Orientation Week Leaders inspire new students

As I woke up at the peak of sunrise, body aching from the day before, I still managed to get up rather perky because I knew Community Engagement Day was only a couple hours away.

First Person Experience: Convention thrills horror lovers

Vampires, goblins and werewolves, oh my! April 22 was not the typical night for any lover of horror. I put my Freddy Krueger sweater dress on with my tall brown boots and was ready to submerge into the fandom that was found at the eighth annual three-day Monster­palooza horror convention created by Monsterpalooza President Elio Brodsky.

First Person Experience: Humans chased in Phi Delta Theta apocalypse

“How long could I last in a zombie apocalypse” is something I ask myself on a daily basis. Not really, but during this spooky season I start to wonder. To test my skills, I participated in Phi Delta Theta fraternity’s Zombie Apocalypse Wednesday night on campus.

First Person Experience: Measuring the cost of ‘perfection’

I stepped into a cosmetic surgery clinic at the age of 21. I had always been the big kid in a classroom. I had always been the kid who needed a bigger size. I had always been the fat kid – that is what everyone told me.

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