First Person Experience: Humans chased in Phi Delta Theta apocalypse

Hayley Hulin
LV Life Editor

“How long could I last in a zombie apocalypse” is something I ask myself on a daily basis.

Not really, but during this spooky season I start to wonder.

To test my skills, I participated in Phi Delta Theta fraternity’s Zombie Apocalypse Wednesday night on campus.

My sister, sophomore photography major Ashlyn Hulin, and friend, senior biology major Marina Youngblood joined me in the “apocalypse.”

We did not even make it past the first round of this massive game of tag. With those two, I would not last 10 minutes if zombies attacked.

We began at the Davenport Dining Hall patio with music and sustenance — chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and mini corn dogs.

By 10:30 p.m., all participating humans were called to hear the rules of the game.

Phi Delta Theta members acted as zombies, but sans zombie-like appearance.

I had secretly hoped the Phi Delts would be dressed in more outrageous zombie attire: full makeup, torn clothes and tons of gore. Instead, they were in their street clothes. Suffice it to say the Zombie Apocalypse was not exactly what I thought it would be.

Humans had a minute to hide anywhere on campus before the zombies began their pursuit.

As soon as the siren blew we scattered, and Ashlyn, Marina and I sprinted across campus toward the most obvious place to hide: the dark areas around Vista La Verne.

Through gasping breathes we discussed strategy, but could not make a decision.

“During the game, all I was thinking was, ‘I should have gotten more mozzarella sticks,’” Marina said.

As soon as we finally agreed on a way to get back to Davenport — safety base — we began to run toward Hanawalt House and were quickly spotted by zombie Thomas Richetts, a junior business major.

Our demise was quick and final. We were out in round one.

“The stupidest place (to hide) is the football field,” Richetts said. “That’s where I look first. The smartest place is the alley behind D.P.”

Although I am disappointed we lost in the first round, it was still a fun event.

This was the fourth year Phi Delta Theta, with the help of the Campus Activities Board, has held the apocalypse.

Winners included sophomore kinesiology major Thomas Huynh, junior anthropology major Katya Rodriguez, junior business administration major Kolton Farewell and sophomore criminology major Michael Luna.

Hayley Hulin can be reached at

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