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Girl Scouts tell scary ghost stories

In a makeshift “gypsy caravan” across from the post office in the Claremont Village, Girl Scout Troop No. 1094 had warm apple cider, chocolate chip cookies and fortune telling booths set up to welcome those visiting for their annual Claremont Village Ghost Walk. 


Campus and community arts events for the week of March 16, 2018.

Commentary: Boy Scouts’ inclusivity defies tradition

A sense of belonging is important to a child’s upbringing. That is why most parents get their children involved in some type of sport or activity: soccer, cheerleading, football, or boy scouts and girl scouts.

Claremont reveals haunted history

Visitors and perhaps a wandering spirit got a spooky look of Claremont with a historical twist at the second annual Ghost Walk last Saturday and Sunday.

Women inspire a generation to ‘Ban bossy’

Maureen Roberts, a Girl Scout troop leader in Claremont, believes Girl Scouts and the “Ban Bossy” campaign are good partners.

Community News: Ghost Walk guides visitors though local history

The Claremont Ghost Walk, held last Saturday and Sunday nights, allowed members of the community to experience a good scare while learning a bit about their city’s history.

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