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Students plan homemade costumes on a budget

With just a couple of weeks left before Halloween, students are in preparation mode to get their costumes ready for the occasion. 

Fortnite tops Halloween ’18 trends

With less than a week before Halloween, spooky season is creeping up on the University of La Verne, but it appears most students are winging their Halloween costume. 

University limits Halloween attire

The University sent out an email Monday notifying students of rules and guidelines for the use of Halloween costumes on campus.


Freshman communications major Angela Romo dresses up as an old lady on Oct. 12 for Costume Bingo put on by Campus Activities Board.

Holiday haunt: cultural appropriation

Halloween’s most frightening costumes are not scary clowns, creepy zombies or bloody characters, but rather the trend of insensitivity and/or cultural appropriation that is always highlighted during this time of the year.

Jenner is not a costume

Halloween is a day many people look forward to every year – from picking the perfect pumpkin to carve, to going to haunted houses, to dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating. It’s all fun and games until costumes become displays of mockery and oppression against people’s gender identities or cultures.

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