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Standing in solidarity

University Chaplain Zandra Wagoner leads participants in lighting candles during an online event to show solidarity for the Asian American Pacific Islander community Tuesday on Zoom.

Lising considers the power of spin

Ian Lising, associate dean for the College of Arts and Sciences, reflected on the societal effects of spin doctoring as per his book published this year, “The Spin Doctrine: Communicating Belief, Truth and Fact,” during a talk Tuesday before students and faculty in the Howell Board Room. 

Asian, Pacific Islander panel ‘Crazy Inspiring’

Crazy Inspiring Asians, a panel organized by senior public relations major Joshua Bay as part of his senior project, showcased the insights of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander leaders in the La Verne community on Wednesday in the Campus Center Ballroom.

Professors present published work

Six faculty members presented their published scholarly and creative works to the University community Monday in the Wilson Library Lobby in honor of National Library Week.

Clocksin clocks in to new job as interim dean

With the departure of College and Arts and Sciences Dean Lawrence Potter in January, Brian Clocksin, professor of kinesiology who previously served as the associate dean, took the helm as interim dean last month.

Awards honor faculty, staff service

The 2018 Faculty and Staff Recognition Ceremony, held last Friday, began with recognition of several faculty members for their 5-year service, followed by 10, 15, and so forth to retirement.

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