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Students shine in intimate recital

As soon as senior criminology major Kolini Coleman sang the last poignant note of Ernest Charles’ “When I Have Sung My Songs,” family and friends sprang from their seats and gave her a standing ovation.

Quick career services offered

When it comes to careers and striving to get a job, the University of La Verne’s Career Services Drive-Thru helps students improve their resume, or cover letter or prepare for interviews all in under 20 minutes.

Convocation greets new students

The University of La Verne officially welcomed its 124th academic year Sept. 2 at the Sports Science and Athletics Pavilion.

Job market is tight

As the year comes to a close many students are looking for a job to either start their post college career or to earn an income during the summer, but the current market is proving to be a battle.

Phones get extravagant

Smartphones are more than all the rage, they are almost an essential part of college life. Since the first mobile phone weighing just over four pounds was created in 1973, the size and shape of mobile phones have changed dramatically.

Students, faculty clean Facebooks

The University of La Verne Career Services sponsored the “Sanitize Your Facebook” workshop.

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