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Education professor championed LGBTQ+ community

University of La Verne professor of education emeritus Dr. Jim Dunne died Nov. 20 in his home in Sedona, Arizona. He was 87 years old.

Seasoned newsman can teach & do

The NewsOne Bureau walls in the Prospect Studios in Los Angeles are lined with pictures of ABC News’ greats, like Barbara Walters, Hugh Downs, John Stossel and Diane Sawyer. Between the walls covered in these well-known faces is the less familiar, yet equally important Rod Jackson piecing together the behind-the-scenes news events for ABC News and its affiliates.

Letters to the Editor

I would like to respond to the letters in the Nov. 3 issue of the Campus Times.

Letters to the Editor

Who does Dr. Rick Simon think he is fooling? In the Oct. 20 issue of the Campus Times, Dr. Simon pretends to be a hero in search of the truth. However, his ignorance and prejudice show through his carefully contrived rhetoric.

Letters to the Editor

Though it is true, that one should be paid for work, it is not as easy when it comes to internships. Having run two statewide and one national election in Austria, I have had my experiences with interns.

Lecturer urges homosexual awareness

Spreading his message of truth and love to end injustice towards homosexuals, Dr. Mel White, this fall’s Fasnacht lecturer, shared his personal story, Tuesday, in his speech and led a panel discussion that evening.

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