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Gingrich influenced University’s mission, values

Dr. John Gingrich, former dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and professor emeritus of religion and philosophy, died peacefully in his sleep on Dec. 7. He was 80. 

Founders suffers from years of neglect

Reed Gratz, professor of music, remembers vividly the first time he stepped on the University’s campus. He walked into Founders Auditorium and was hit with a wave of panic.

ULV faces change

The new academic year brings dramatic change in the face of leadership at the University of La Verne, with students and faculty welcoming a new crew of four high-level appointees at a Sept. 4 reception in the Arts and Communications Building.

Awards honor academic excellence

Outstanding students, their parents and University of La Verne faculty packed Founders Auditorium Saturday for the annual academic awards ceremony.

Scholar addresses homophobia in education

James T. Sears spoke of homophobia and heterosexism last week before an audience of students faculty and La Verne residents gathered in Founders Auditorium.

Class units may go from 3 – 4

The majority of three-unit undergraduate courses could be bumped to four units as soon as fall semester, if faculty supports a proposal by the University's top administrators.

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