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Lamkin to speak with BBC radio

The BBC will interview University of La Verne Professor of Music Kathleen Lamkin today during an interlude in a live performance of a Hadyn mass, the “Heroic Vienna,” performed by the BBC National Chorus and the Orchestra of Wales.

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Music Professor Kathy Lamkin gave a lecture titled “Esterházy Court Musicians” in the Presidents Dining Room on Tuesday. On her sabbatical, Lamkin visited the Esterházy castle in Forchtenstein, Austria, where she researched 300-year-old documents concerning musicians employed by the Esterházy family, most notably the famous composer Joseph Hayden. / photo by Rhiannon Mim

Haydn highlighted

With emotion and personal connection, Kathleen Lamkin, professor of music, presented her lecture, “Esterházy Court Musicians During the Last Years of Hayden’s Life: New Evidence Uncovered in the Forchtenstein Castle Archives” on Tuesday in the University of La Verne’s President’s Dining Room.

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