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Nobel Laureate will speak at ULV

When 1992 Nobel Prize winning chemist Rudolph Marcus decided to study chemistry, he was a little skeptical; the idea of going for a second post-doctoral degree seemed radical.

Book to feature local music history

Assistant professor of history Kenneth Marcus recently signed a contract for his book "Musical Metropolis: Los Angeles and the Creation of a Music Culture" to be published December 2004.

Faculty enjoy Huntington privileges

Seated behind the reference desk at the Wilson Library, Marlin Heckman is in his element among volumes of history and everything the written word embodies.

Hot Spots widens perspectives

Every third Thursday of each month, Hot Spots meets to discuss current, national or international issues. For the group's first meeting, Sept. 19, the issue "Pakistan: American Partner in War Against Terrorism?" was discussed.

Marcus conducts history with music

The fusion of music and history has not coexisted this well on the University of La Verne campus. That was until Kenneth Marcus arrived.

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