Noteworthy ULV faculty honored

Only the red carpet was missing last Friday in Founders Auditorium as almost every seat was filled for this year’s Faculty and Staff Recognition Ceremony. The first official members of the ULV Academy were also announced.

The ceremony was a fun and relaxing way to recognize those who have contributed to the University.

“This is a special day,” said Al Clark, associate vice president of academic affairs. “I know it’s a special day because I actually got up early and polished my shoes.”

The inaugural members of the ULV Academy are: Thomas Harvey, professor of organizational leadership; Jeffrey Kahan, associate professor of English; Andrea Labinger, professor of Spanish; John Linarelli, professor of law; Kenneth Marcus, associate professor of history; Iraj Parchamazad, professor of chemistry; and Jonathan Reed, professor of religion.

The inaugural members were selected based on their research, publications, creative activity and overall commitment and contribution to the University.

With this recognition, members of the ULV Academy will have to take on several responsibilities as well. They are expected to meet on a regular basis to review and critique each other’s work, and hold writing seminars for faculty who aspire to have their work published.

Several other awards were given at the ceremony. Fifty-three employees were recognized for completing five years of service at ULV, as well as 13 who have been at ULV for 10 years.

Fourteen people were recognized for 15 years of service, 10 were recognized for 20 years, six were recognized for 25 years and eight were recognized for 30 years.

Additionally Rex Huigens, professor of movement and sports science and assistant athletic director; and Jimmy Paschal, professor of movement and sports science, were both recognized for 35 years.

The dean of each college then presented promotions, tenures and sabbaticals.

“You can recognize these people because they are smiling broadly,” said Fred Yaffe, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, just before he announced the faculty members who would be going on sabbatical.

There were also a few special awards, for example, the Ellsworth Johnson Service Award, which was received by David Werner, associate professor of English, for his work in correctional facilities.

But Harvey Good, professor of biology, was undoubtedly the man of the hour. Good is retiring.

Bob Neher, interim provost and vice president of academic affairs, introduced Good with a couple of humorous remarks.

“He’s too valuable for ULV to lose,” Neher said, “so we are preparing a long list of projects for him.”

Good was welcomed with warm applause as everyone stood to see him receive his awards.

He was recognized for 40 years of service at ULV as well as for his outstanding legacy at the University.

“Your influence was felt outside the confined walls of Mainiero,” Neher said. “Your contribution to ULV and to the community is extraordinary.”

“Today we celebrate the accomplishments of those of you who make the University of La Verne such a special place,” President Stephen Morgan said.

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