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Give ’em last call to Mary Jane

Parents from the Northern California town of Alturas are concerned for their children's futures. These rural citizens are worried about the excessive marijuana use by teenagers in their community, and (cough, cough) because of the rising concerns, students have begun to confess to their parents about their secret habits.

Drug confiscation is often twisted

How many of you use marijuana? Let me re-phrase that. How many of you use marijuana for medicinal purposes?

College student marijuana use rises

Riddled with insecurities, he searches for something; anything to make him feel at home in a new place that to him, seems harsh and unforgiving.

Authorities should legalize marijuana

There is hope. Not a lot of hope, but it exists. An organization called "Citizens Against Violent Crime" has filed a new initiative titled "The Three Strikes Act of 2000." The initiative's goal is to change California's three strikes law so that it would only apply to violent and/or serious felonies. Finally! Some people have actually engaged in some kind of a reasonable thinking process. It was about time.

Behind closed doors

My photographer and I had just walked out of the ground floor of Miller Hall, heading toward Brandt Hall on assignment. Rather than using hypothetical situations of drug and alcohol use in the dorms, I wanted real accounts. I could have also used recollections of events, but for the sake of credibility and reality, students need the here and now of drug use and drinking in dorms.

Debaters tackle legalization

Junior philosophy major John Keller elaborates on the pros and cons of drug legalization in an open forum presented by the Debate Team and the Theatre Arts Department in Cabaret Theatre last week.

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