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Young adults are marrying to afford health insurance

Margeret Gough, associate professor of sociology, explained the link between health insurance and cohabitation and marriage on to an audience of 19 people on Tuesday at her lecture titled “Longitudinal Models of Source of Health Insurance on Young Adults Cohabitation and Marriage” held via WebEx.

Health care, family choices studied

Margaret Gough, assistant professor of sociology, presented her study on the impact of the Affordable Care Act on family formation at noon Tuesday in the Executive Dining Room.

Panel challenges view of single life

A panel of three speakers at Scripps College expressed, using a variety of examples, that people don’t need to be traditionally coupled-up to be happy.

Weight gain too much to swallow

I’ve always been more than a little bit concerned with my weight. During my senior year in high school, I started to pack on the pounds like crazy.

Postcard from the happily ever after

Surprise, surprise. Thanks to some ridiculous schedule conflicts and mix-ups, it looks like I’m back for one more semester of the Campus Times. Sorry to stir things up with my sappy goodbyes last semester, but good ol’ Valerie is back. Lucky you.

Some marry young despite trends

Wanda Groppi is a typical college senior at the University of La Verne. She plans to graduate this May and receive her bachelor’s degree in math with a minor in French.

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