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Professor promotes creativity in math

Emily Cilli-Turner, assistant professor of mathematics, emphasized the importance of creativity in the math field, and she shared information on her project to improve creativity in calculus classes in a lecture titled “Calculus Students’ Perceptions of Creativity in Mathematics” at noon Tuesday in the Quay Davis Board Room.

Faculty lecture looks at math’s many applications

Associate Professor of Mathematics Yousef Daneshbod discussed mathematics and computing machines before about 20 University community members who attended his lecture Tuesday in the Quay Davis Executive Board Room and remotely via WebEx Tuesday.

Research fosters creativity in math

Gail Tang, associate professor of mathematics, discussed her work in Southeast Asia as a Fulbright Scholar and her research on shifting pedagogical beliefs on Tuesday in the Executive Board Room.

Functions can help predict future

Xiaoyan Liu, professor of mathematics, presented her research on approximation theory and how the theory is used in real life examples on Tuesday in the Quay Davis Executive Board Room.

Counting by fives

Mathematics instructor Frank Ives’ YouTube channel, MathbyFives, has recently hit 55,000 subscribers with more than 8 million channel views.

Professor’s last lecture is all games

Professor of Mathematics Michael Frantz held his last lecture, “Games Mathematicians Play,” on Tuesday before more than 45 students an faculty members in the President’s Dining Room.

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