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Prop. 2 will help curb homelessness

On Nov. 6, California voters have a chance to deal a blow to the state’s homeless problem with Proposition 2.

Mental Health Matters: Disorders to Think About: Laws aim to reform mental health care

During her spring break as a college freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, Helen Arase was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Mental Health Matters: Disorders to Think About: Students hesitate to seek treatment

Five years ago 17-year-old Katie Madden sat with her parents and told them she needed to talk to them about a serious matter. Her parents were concerned and anxiously stared at her, waiting for her to begin speaking.

Untreated mental illness can kill

The culprit in last month’s plane crash in France that killed 150 people may have been caused by mental illness, or more specifically, our society’s ignorance of mental illess.

Media still mock mentally ill

If your reaction to Amanda Bynes’ mental breakdown was to laugh, but your reaction to Robin Williams’ suicide was to cry — you’re a hypocrite.

‘Every Mind Matters’ in the media

The perceptions of mental illnesses from the media and society were discussed at “Every Mind Matters: Changing Media Treatment of Mental Illness” April 24.

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