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Trump prioritizes profit over privacy

On Monday, President Trump signed a bill passed by Congress that allows internet service providers to sell customers’ browsing history, thus jeopardizing consumer privacy in favor of profit.

Electronic privacy is vital

It would be outrageous if a federal law enforcement agency asked a lock maker to create a master key that would open the locks to millions of homes, and give that key to the agency.

Bill is an invasion of privacy

Republican Congressman Lamar S. Smith has rallied his party around a bill that makes the online activity of every American available to police and attorneys upon request.

Let’s maintain some privacy

As Americans, we sometimes have a false sense of security. We expect our phone calls to be heard only by the person on the other end of the line, and an occasional little brother listening through another phone.

Protecting privacy on the net

More than 6,500 known Web sites on the Internet are designed to invade computers, but there are many ways to stop them.

Printing more than just a paper

I know that I am not alone when I say Big Brother has been getting a little too nosy over the last few years. Sure, I may sound a wee bit paranoid, but I can’t be the first person to wonder if her telephone conversations were being recorded or if that flower delivery truck parked across the street was really there to perform non-floral related services.

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