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Sex 3 times a week could help stress

Just like aiming to drink eight glasses of water each day, there may be a magic number to aim for having sex each week

Abstinence-only education ineffective

A chlamydia outbreak at a Texas high school has raised concerns about whether abstinence-only sex education programs are actually effective in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers.

Health fair offers safe sex information

Matthew Duran, senior public affairs major, hosted a safe sex health fair April 23 in the Johnson Family Plaza.

Students unaware of STD superbug

A new issue recently emerged in the realm of sexually transmitted diseases – there is now a strain of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea.

Students seek info on STDs

Sexual health is very important to students on campus, and 15 out of 16 students questioned in an informal survey feel as though the health center could do more to educate students about sexually transmitted disease protection and prevention.

Students give opinion on ‘hooking up’ at LV

Many college students have sex without expectations of a relationship, they call it “hooking up.”

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